Since 1992, the Martin Ennals Foundation’s mission has been to grant visibility and protection to human rights defenders at risk, notably through the annual Martin Ennals Award. As a continuation of its commitment to human rights, the Foundation has developed several programs in International Geneva and beyond. Our programs aim to further empower human rights defenders in their work and to enable the younger generation to develop its own human rights skills.


The Geneva Residency Program provides Finalists and Laureates of the Martin Ennals Award with the necessary resources to strengthen their work. It offers them opportunities to advocate for their causes wherever decisions on human rights are made.


When it comes to the actual implementation of human rights, the enduring commitment of people on the ground matters most. The Martin Ennals Award Defenders Network aims to empower Defenders by offering them personal and professional growth through collaboration with a network of their peers.


Despite being the foundation of our shared humanity, human rights are under threat and require constant vigilance. The young generation will play an important role in ensuring their sustainability. To fulfil this lofty goal, the Martin Ennals Foundation launched an education project with Amnesty International and True Heroes Films: “Defending human rights, abroad and at home”.