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Meet the Finalists 

Saudi Arabia
Loujain AlHathloul is a pioneer Saudi activist and a women’s rights defender. Loujain was arrested and detained after campaigning for the #Women2drive movement and the end of the male guardianship system. Tortured, denied medical care, and subjected to solitary confinement, Loujain was sentenced to several years in prison on December 28, 2020.
In Turkmenistan, one of the world’s most isolated countries, freedom of speech is inexistant and independent journalists work at their own peril. Soltan Achilova, a photojournalist, documents the human rights abuses and social issues affecting Turkmen people in their daily lives. She is one of the very few reporters in the country daring to sign independent articles.
In China, more than 300 human rights activists and lawyers disappeared or were arrested in 2015 during the so called 709 Crackdown. A successful business lawyer, Yu Wensheng gave up his career to defend one of the detained lawyers, before being arrested himself. Detained for three years now, Yu Wensheng’s health is failing.