Martin Ennals Award 2021 Nomination Form

  • Nominations for the Martin Ennals Award 2021 are currently accepted. The deadline for nominations is June 12th 2020.
    Three finalists will be selected by the Jury and announced in October/November 2020. The Laureate will be announced in February 2021.

    The Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders honours individuals and organizations who have shown exceptional commitment to defending human rights, despite the risks involved, and who are in need of protection.

    In addition to the achievements of the nominee, several criteria are taken into consideration for the Award:

    • Nominees must be currently active in the promotion and protection of human rights. The Award does not consider defenders who are deceased.

    • The nominee should not employ or advocate violence.

    • Self -nominations are not accepted.

    • Defenders who are no longer in need of protection (e.g. because they are now in a safe environment) will normally not be considered.

  • 1) Information about the nominee

  • Nominee organisation

  • Consent

  • 2) Other Personal Information on the nominee (such as education, profession, area of work, family situation)

  • (about 200 words max)
  • 3) Reasons why the nominee merits the Award

  • (about 800 words max)
  • 4) How could the Martin Ennals Award have a positive impact on the safety of the nominee, and/or for the cause promoted by them?

  • (about 800 words max)
  • 5) Information on the person submitting the nominee

  • Nominee proposed by

  • 6) References

    If a nominee is shortlisted for the Martin Ennals Award, references will be contacted to verify information and provide more context on the person's achievements and needs.
  • First Reference

  • Second Reference

  • Third Reference

  • 7) Additional materials

    Please send no more than 3 additional files in support of this nominee. These may include pictures, biographies, written materials, etc.
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