Mona Seif calls for the release of Human Rights Defenders

September 18, 2020

Defending Human Rights is not a crime

The human rights situation in Egypt has deteriorated considerably in recent years. Human rights defenders face harassment, arbitrary detention and wrongful persecution. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the situation in Egypt’s detention centers is becoming increasingly alarming. Mona Seif, Martin Ennals Award Finalist 2013, calls on the international community to raise its voice.

Mona was raised in a family of human rights defenders. Her father Ahmed Seif El Islam is a respected Human Rights Lawyer who spent five years in prison under the Mubarak regime. Both her siblings Alaa and Sanaa are currently arbitrarily detained. Mona is one of the core founders of the No To Military Trials for Civilians Group, a grassroots initiative which is trying to bring an end to military trials for civilians. Since February 2011, Mona has been bringing together activists, lawyers, victims’ families and local stakeholders to establish a nationwide movement against military trials.