Nominate a Candidate for the 2018 Martin Ennals Award

June 29, 2017
  • Nominations close on 9 November 2017.

    The Martin Ennals Award is intended for human rights defenders (HRD) who are defending the rights of others, while at risk. This could include physical danger, repressive legal processes, or other forms of harassment. We are looking to provide protection through widespread publicity:


    1. The HRD must be currently active. Please note, we will not consider posthumous nominations.

    2. The HRD must be demonstrably at risk.

    3. The HRD must work with non-violent means.

  • Who is the Candidate?

  • Why does the Candidate merit the Award?

  • 1. The candidate has demonstrated integrity and commitment in the defense of the human rights enshrined in international human rights law:

    2. The candidate is working in front-line human rights work in conditions hostile to fundamental human rights:

    3. The candidate has consistently demonstrated the determination and courage to continue despite difficulties, threats and lack of local support:

    4. The award and the attendant international publicity and recognition are likely to benefit the candidate’s capacity to carry out her/his work

    5. The candidate has an active record of combating human rights violations by innovative/creative means:

  • Who is the First Referee?

  • Who is the Second Referee?

  • Who is the Third Referee?

  • Who is nominating the candidate?

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